Wednesday, November 9, 2016

3 Painting Projects to get done Before the Holidays

Halloween’s over and the Holidays are coming up fast.  What should you do to make your home ready for guests and the new year?

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    1)      Paint baseboards.  Baseboards sit at ground level, so they get kicked, splashed and all of the dirt from around the floors tends to accumulate on them.  You can try first to clean them off with a damp cloth, or a very weak cleaning product.  If they don’t clean up then it is time to paint!  

    2)       Is it time to Paint the doors? Doors get the most use out of anything in your home and coincidentally usually also have the most wear on them.  Again, try and clean them and if that doesn’t work (Most scuffs and scrapes won’t come out with a cleaning) then it’s time to paint!

    3)      Are the cabinets outdated or is the paint wearing out?  When you go out for a family trip this holiday, this might be the best time to get the work done

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